Same Old Shoes

Been a while since I posted on here. This is like the equivalent to writing on a phonebox in 1994, I doubt anyone will read it but I keep scratching away anyways.
Been recording loads since I released Lion House. It's actually been quite frustrating because I've had so much crap to do instead. Not that I wanna do anything else, but that shit pays, or it's education stuff that I need to do. I am the world's worst procrastinator. Even writing this is avoiding English mock exam papers and uni essays. 
I am re-doing all the education I missed when I was a kid. 

Somehow between the cracks, I will finish the tracks I've been recording and get them out there. 

It's hard to stay motivated. Music is so reduced these days, everyone seems to be a singer. It's like living in an opera. There's so much I wanted to do and wanna do, that I haven't even begun to remotely achieve. I am indeed for sure in the final dialog of some old movie scene. 

Anyway, don't wanna appear downbeat. That's a cardinal sin these days, isn't it? Even though a lot of us feel exactly the same inside. We have to press forward. 

Up and up in these same shoes. Although they are looking older, or maybe that's my eyes. 

I've decided what my next single will be. It's a political track with a barbed lyric. Looking forward to that one. I am on the fence about releasing these five EP's I have stacked up waiting, of old material. I don't wanna confuse my already over eclectic artist catalog any further. 

Anyway, I should go now I write essays blah....

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