Sitting in my studio on the edge of tracking next single. Exciting stuff. Really want this track to push me forever somehow. I love being able to write something, record it and just release quickly. Don't know why I haven't…

Lion House

Hey, I'm finally back in Brighton after, feels like months away. I wanna connect a little closer with you guys.  So here's a present. Get Lion House Free by Signing UP to Mailing List above. 

Welcome to my Dead Rabbit Blog

Welcome to my Dead Rabbit Blog. Sign Up above too, if you want free crap. 
Put this date in the diary too. 


Shift, Alt, Delete

This piece in the Guardian pretty much sums up mine and every real artist I knows lives. 
It's good to know I'm not alone. I've spent over twenty years giving my everything to music. 
In that time I've signed 2…